The A380 fleet

Erster A380 von Air France © Lindner für Air FranceAir France has ordered a dozen aircrafts type 380-861, eight of which are already in service. Here you’ll find an overview on serial numbers, registrations and delivery dates of the several aircrafts.


12 A380 type 380-861

In service: 8

MSN033, registration F-HPJA, delivered on October 30th 2009
MSN040, registration F-HPJB, delivered on February 10 2010
MSN043, registration F-HPJC, delivered on April 14th 2010
MSN049, registration F-HPJD, delivered on August 12th 2010
MSN052, registration F-HPJE, delivered on May 17th 2011
MSN064, registration F-HPJF, delivered on June 17th 2011
MSN099, registration F-HPJH, delivered on May 2nd 2012
MSN067, registration F-HPJG, delivered on June 5th 2012

Next deliveries

MSN102, registration F-HPJI
MSN104, registration F-HPJJ
MSN115, registration F-HPJK