The A380 fleet

Emirates A380 © Emirates AirlinesEmirates has ordered 90 aircrafts type 380-861 and will have the biggest A380 fleet worldwide. Today Emirates already has more A380s in service than any other airline, operating almost three dozens of these aircraft type. Here you’ll find an overview on serial numbers, aircraft registrations and delivery dates of the different planes.


90 A380 type 380-861

In service: 34

MSN011, registration A6-EDA, delivered July 28th 2008
MSN013, registration A6-EDB, delivered October 24th 2008
MSN016, registration A6-EDC, delivered November 15th 2008
MSN020, registration A6-EDD, delivered December 30th 2008
MSN017, registration A6-EDE, delivered April 24th 2009
MSN007, registration A6-EDF, delivered December 12th 2009
MSN023, registration A6-EDG, delivered December 23rd 2009
MSN025, registration A6-EDH, delivered January 18th 2010
MSN028, registration A6-EDI, delivered May 28th 2010
MSN009, registration A6-EDJ, delivered June 7th 2010
MSN030, registration A6-EDK, delivered July 3rd 2010
MSN046, registration A6-EDL, delivered August 12th 2010
MSN042, registration A6-EDM, delivered September 28th 2010
MSN056, registration A6-EDN, delivered November 5th 2010
MSN057, registration A6-EDO, delivered November 30th 2010
MSN077, registration A6-EDP, delivered October 14th 2011
MSN080, registration A6-EDQ, delivered October 28th 2011
MSN083, registration A6-EDR, delivered November 25th 2011
MSN090, registration A6-EDT, delivered December 2nd 2011  
MSN086, registration A6-EDS, delivered December 16th 2011
MSN098, registration A6-EDU, delivered February 24th 2012
MSN101, registration A6-EDV, delivered July 30th 2012
MSN103, registration A6-EDW, delivered August 29th 2012
MSN105, registration A6-EDX, delivered October 1st 2012
MSN106, registration A6-EDY, delivered October 1st 2012
MSN107, registration A6-EDZ, delivered October 12th 2012
MSN108, registration A6-EEA, delivered December 19th 2012
MSN109, registration A6-EEB, delivered November 9th 2012
MSN110, registration A6-EEC, delivered November 30th 2012
MSN111, registration A6-EED, delivered December 28th 2012
MSN112, registration A6-EEE, delivered December 27th 2012
MSN113, registration A6-EEF, delivered May 3rd 2013
MSN116, registration A6-EEG, delivered May 8th 2013
MSN119, registration A6-EEH, delivered June 4th 2013

Next deliveries

MSN123, registration A6-EEI, -
MSN127, registration A6-EEJ, -
MSN132, registration A6-EEK, -
MSN133, registration A6-EEL, -
MSN134, registration A6-EEM, -
MSN135, registration A6-EEN, -
MSN136, registration A6-EEO, -
MSN138, registration A6-EEP, -
MSN139, registration A6-EEQ, -
MSN140, registration A6-EER, -
MSN141, registration A6-EES, -
MSN142, registration A6-EET, -
MSN144, registration A6-EEU, -
MSN145, registration A6-EEV, -