First East Asian A380-Airline

Korean Air A380 © Korean AirKorean Air entered the A380 era in June 2011. The airline connects Seoul with Bangkok, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Tokyo.

On board the A380

First Class seat in Korean Air A380 © Korean AirKorean Air has furnished their A380s with only 407 seats, far less seats than all other A380 airlines. Korean Air is also the first airline having reserved the upper deck only for the Business Class. Another unique feature is the small duty free shop, where passengers can purchase cosmetics, perfumes and alcoholic beverages. Learn more about the furnishing of all cabin classes.

A380 Routes

Korean Air, first A380 © AirbusKorean Air started operating the A380 from Seoul to Bangkok, Hong Kong, New York and Tokyo. As not all flights between the cities mentioned are operated with an A380, please check here for flight numbers and times.

The A380 fleet

Korean Airs second A380 © H. Gousse for AirbusKorean Air has ordered ten aircrafts type A380-861 of which the first one was delivered in May 2011. Here you’ll find an overview on serial numbers, aircraft registrations and delivery dates of all aircrafts.