The A380 fleet

Korean Airs second A380 © H. Gousse for AirbusKorean Air has ordered ten aircrafts type A380-861 of which the first one was delivered in May 2011. Here you’ll find an overview on serial numbers, aircraft registrations and delivery dates of all aircrafts.


10 A380 type A380-861

In service: 6

MSN035, registration HL-7611, delivered on May 24th 2011
MSN039, registration HL-7612, delivered on July 13th 2011
MSN059, registration HL-7613, delivered on August 19th 2011
MSN068, registration HL-7614, delivered on September 7th 2011
MSN075, registration HL-7615, delivered on November 28th 2011
MSN096, registration HL-7616, delivered on December 10th 2012

Next deliveries

MSN126, registration HL-7621, -
MSN128, registration HL-7622, -