The A380 fleet

Lufthansa A380 in the sky © Jens Görlich for LufthansaLufthansa ordered 15 aircrafts type A380-841 of which most are currently in service. Here you’ll find an overview on serial numbers, aircraft registrations and delivery dates of all planes.


15 A380 type A380-841

In service: 10

MSN038, registration D-AIMA, delivered on May 19th 2010 ("Frankfurt")
MSN041, registration D-AIMB, delivered on July 19th 2010 ("München")
MSN044, registration D-AIMC, delivered on August 20th 2010 ("Peking")
MSN048, registration D-AIMD, delivered on November 16th 2010 ("Tokio")
MSN061, registration D-AIME, delivered on March 16th 2011 ("Johannesburg")
MSN066, registration D-AIMF, delivered on April 4th 2011 ("Zürich")
MSN069, registration D-AIMG, delivered on May 7th 2011 ("Wien)
MSN070, registration D-AIMH, delivered on July 7th 2011 ("New York")
MSN072, registration D-AIMI, delivered on May 16th 2012 ("Berlin")
MSN073, registration D-AIMJ, delivered on June 13th 2012 ("Brüssel")

Next deliveries

MSN089, registration D-AIMK, 
MSN148, registration D-AIML,