The A380 fleet

A380 Malaysia Airlines © AirbusMalaysia Airlines ordered six A380 and received the first aircraft on May 29th 2012. Here you’ll find an overview on serial numbers, aircraft registrations and delivery dates of all planes.


6 A380 type 380-841

In service: 6

MSN078, registration 9M-MNA, delivered May 29th 2012
MSN081, registration 9M-MNB, delivered August 10th 2012
MSN084, registration 9M-MNC, delivered October 26th 2012
MSN089, registration 9M-MND, delivered October 30th 2012
MSN094, registration 9M-MNE, delivered February 22nd 2013
MSN114, registration 9M-MNF, delivered March 13th 2013

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