The A380 fleet

Qantas A380 © QantasQantas ordered 20 aircrafts, type A380-842, and will own the second biggest A380 fleet in the future. Twelve aircrafts are already in service, followed by two more in 2012. Here you’ll find an overview on serial numbers, aircraft registrations and delivery dates of all aircrafts.


20 A380 type 380-842

In service: 12

MSN014, registration VH-OQA, delivered on September 19th 2008
MSN015, registration VH-OQB, delivered on December 15th 2008
MSN022, registration VH-OQC, delivered on December 27th 2008
MSN026, registration VH-OQD, delivered on August 22nd 2009
MSN027, registration VH-OQE, delivered on December 19th 2009
MSN029, registration VH-OQF, delivered on January 8th 2010
MSN047, registration VH-OQG, delivered on December 16th 2010
MSN055, registration VH-OQI, delivered on January 14th 2011
MSN050, registration VH-OQH, delivered on February 1st 2011
MSN062, registration VH-OQJ, delivered on April 8th 2011
MSN063, registration VH-OQK, delivered on November 25th 2011
MSN074, registration VH-OQL, delivered on December 16th 2011

Next deliveries

MSN091, registration VH-OQM, planned for 2012
MSN102, registration VH-OQN, planned for 2012