The A380 fleet

Singapore Airlines A380 © Singapore AirlinesSingapore Airlines currently operates 19 aircrafts and the second largest A380 fleet. Here you’ll find serial numbers, aircraft registrations and delivery dates for all aircrafts.


24 A380 type 380-841

In service: 19

MSN003, registration 9V-SKA, delivered on October 15th 2007
MSN005, registration 9V-SKB, delivered on January 11th 2008
MSN006, registration 9V-SKC, delivered on March 11th 2008
MSN008, registration 9V-SKD, delivered on April 26th 2008
MSN010, registration 9V-SKE, delivered on June 28th 2008
MSN012, registration 9V-SKF, delivered on September 18th 2008
MSN021, registration 9V-SKH, delivered on May 28th 2009
MSN019, registration 9V-SKG, delivered on June 4th 2009
MSN034, registration 9V-SKI, delivered on July 6th 2009
MSN045, registration 9V-SKJ, delivered on September 6th 2009
MSN051, registration 9V-SKK, delivered on July 16th 2010
MSN058, registration 9V-SKL, delivered on June 16th 2011
MSN071, registration 9V-SKN, delivered on September 14th 2011
MSN065, registration 9V-SKM, delivered on September 29th 2011
MSN076, registration 9V-SKP, delivered on January 12th 2012
MSN082, registration 9V-SKR, delivered on February 8th 2012
MSN079, registration 9V-SKQ, delivered on April 2nd 2012
MSN085, registration 9V-SKS, delivered on July 31st 2012
MSN092, registration 9V-SKT, delivered on September 6th 2012

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